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ECCO offers comprehensive support and assistance towards an efficient and appropriate decision making, namely, on both economic and tax matters that lead investors to a successful international investment and/or trade. Structuring International Business or investment into the PALOP (Portuguese official speaking countries of Africa) and Brazil is part of our core business in this area.



ECCO has also knowledge and expertise in respect of vessels sailing in European waters, namely all kind of commercial vessels, pleasure crafts, commercial Yachts and its registration in MAR - The International Shipping Register of Madeira. Information and assistance can be provided regarding yacht leasing structures, amongst other specific advice in this area of Shipping.



ECCO may also be your partner in efficiently supporting and assisting high net worth individuals (HNWI) in getting their golden visas in Portugal. On the other hand, citizens already legalized and with European documentation can apply for a special tax regime in Portugal known as non-habitual resident statute, making them eligible for a special system of personal income tax, service which our know-how also includes.



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Nicolas Veiga França
Managing Director

Graduated in Management, he is also postgraduated in entrepreneurial sciences; he is proactive, results-driven, analytical, hands-on management and reliable professional.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.


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Mafalda Mendonça

Management Assistant


Mafalda Mendonça has a vast professional curriculum that spans two decades of various administrative positions in various companies in Funchal, capital of the archipelago, dedicated to the most varied businesses carried out within and outside the IBC (or Free Zone) of Madeira, whose activities range from commercial services or products, namely pharmaceuticals, to those of an industrial and commercial nature of textiles, in the latter case installed in the Madeira Industrial Free Zone (IFTZ). These duties include the organization and control of stocks, support for the organization and classification of accounting documents and interface with accounting firms and / or their certified accountants.

In the context of the Madeira Free Zone companies where she cooperated for around 6 years between 1993 and 1998, in particular with a foreign capital group that were established therein, Mafalda assisted them in implementing training plans in different areas for factory workers and also in framing and preparing projects to obtain EU funds through the existing programs launched by the Portuguese and Madeira governments in partnership with the EC under the ESF.

Mafalda followed a one-year official work placement programme started in 2018 at ECCO, during which she was responsible for assisting the management board on all matters related to the control of accounting, invoicing and other financial areas in general, for the company itself but also for the clients’ companies. Having completed the traineeship at the beginning of 2019, in view of her contribution, Mafalda was invited by the management and began to integrate the company's staff, continuing to render her services in these same areas, thus offering assistance in the Finance Department and being the bridge of contact between the different business partners with whom ECCO operate in the referred areas.

Languages: Portuguese.


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Jorge Veiga França
Senior Consultant

Graduated in applied economics and MBA in finance, both at the UCL - Catholic University of Louvain, in Belgium. Post graduated in Taxation by the ISAG - Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão, in Portugal.


He began cooperating with his father in the family business, at the same time with the ACIF-CCIM (Madeira chamber of commerce and industry) as a consultant for European affairs and also as a Professor Assistant to several Professors of the UCP - Universidade Católica Portuguesa in the management department in Funchal, a post that he kept for 15 years.


Since inception of the International Business Centre (IBC) of Madeira he was invited by its founders to join SDM, the concessionaire.  First as a manager, then as the senior manager of the marketing and commercial department, later on as its executive senior manager and coordinator of the senior management of all departments; finally with the post of deputy director and advisor to the board of directors as well as member of the board of the general assembly of SDM.


After 12 years of SDM, he was invited to join the management team of one of the first management companies operating within the IBC of Madeira, where he became partner after 5 years; he remained there for 16 years.


In the meantime in May 2016 he has been reappointed the president of Madeira’s IBC desk of ACIF-CCIM for the forthcoming period of 3 years, a post that he already occupied in the preceding 3 years period.


Now he is cooperating with his son as senior consultant for ECCO, since August 2015.

A post that he already occupied for the last 3 years he has been rea

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian.

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