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We offer a comprehensive range of international business support services. Our objective is to assist companies and individuals to trade and invest efficiently using appropriate structures, across the world.
Madeira Company tax
Company Formation


International tax effectiveness can be enhanced through new company formation or incorporation in a number of different jurisdictions, which can be offered for efficient tax structuring purposes such as holding or trading legal structures.


ECCO can provide these facilities across a number of jurisdictions but we generally concentrate on competitive locations where we have excellent and established relations with local partners, company formation agents or Registry Offices, built up over years of experience, thus offering locally all related services of companies’ incorporation, plus all relevant accounting and local administrative support.


Madeira (Portugal) | Others 

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Ship & Yacht Registration Services


Portuguese Flag, MAR as a Portuguese shipping register, is among the EU international registers of the highest quality, having guaranteed adequate measures to ensure an efficient surveillance of all vessels registered. All international conventions ratified by Portugal are fully applicable to and complied by MAR. As a result, MAR has never been considered as a “flag of convenience”. All types of commercial vessels except those for fishery, from passenger cruisers to cargo vessels and oilrig platforms as well as pleasure crafts, for commercial end use or not, are welcome in MAR, whose main characteristics are the ones of a Boutique Register of excellence where everyone gets a personal dedicated attention. Click here for more details.



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Yacht Leasing Structure in Malta


The yacht leasing system is one of the most popular corporate ownership structures available for European yachts operating within the European Union (EU).


In addition to providing benefits in terms of asset separation and limitation of liability, leasing systems can, as a side benefit, provide potential for the amount of VAT payable on the value of the yacht to be reduced.




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Non Habitual Residents Regime

The high tax burden that many countries exercise upon their high net worth individuals, led the Portuguese Government to look for a strategy that could bring them inside our borders.


Therefore in the 23rd September, 2009 a new tax regime known as non-habitual residents published in the Portuguese Decree-Law 249/2009 has been created within the framework of the Personal Income Taxation (IRS) Code. This Decree-Law is applicable since January, 1, 2009.


Who fits and complies with the scheme requirements is entitled to be taxed as a non-habitual resident for a consecutive period of 10 years, that once completed, will bring such individual to be taxed under the general rules of the Portuguese IRS Code.

This is very attractive essencially for retired individuals, many are coming from other countries which the junction of the Double Tax Treaty and this Law, ennables them to receive their pension without being taxed. Others come to Portugal to develop activities which by the Law we consider as High Value-Added, being also able to benefit from lower taxes. 
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